Kathleen Mackenzie

Woodlawn Kennel is a wonderful place for our furry kids! I bring my little guy to daycare and if he needs to board anywhere – he stays with Woodlawn. Woodlawn has indoor/outdoor runs, A/C in the summer, comfortable heating in the winter, a back-up generator, and the owners live 25 feet away from the front door of the kennel. They sell high quality foods and treats. Their groomer is really wonderful and does a great job with my little guy – and believe me, he is no treat to groom!! Travis is the guy who normally greets you when you get there – he’s been there since he was just old enough to work and now, he’s in his mid-twenties! Staff turnover is rare – and that is good news as far as I’m concerned. If I need to pick up my dog during closed afternoon hours, I can arrange it that morning – or go over unannounced and knock on the door. I’ve also gone over during the day to watch the dogs at play in one of their two huge play yards. Someone is always there and that makes me comfortable when I leave my little guy. I am looking forward to the training classes – they are affordable and fun for both humans and dogs!

Kathleen Lyons Labonville

Woodlawn always takes great care of our dogs. The facility is safe and clean, they provide beds for the dogs and they each get a run and lots of attention. The owners and staff are animal lovers and it shows in all they do. I recommend Woodlawn to anyone needing a safe and happy kennel for their dogs.

Heather Moran

Great for dog daycare and overnight lodging! The dog daycare was a great socialization tool for our puppy as he grew.

Darryl Parker

Our Cocoa loves coming over for a grooming or hanging out for a few days while we travel. It is great to have such a reliable resource so close to us in Warner.

Amy-Jo Falter

We absolutely love this place. They took excellent care of my dogs and handled their special needs with the utmost care. My dogs loved it there as well and were always happy to stay. The staff was always welcoming to us as and our dogs. This is one of the only places I felt comfortable leaving them besides with family. I highly recommend Woodlawn Pest Resort to all my friends.

Wendy Hanwell

This is a wonderful facility for pets. I have boarded my dogs here for many years and they love coming to day care as well as overnight stays. The owners are very conscientious, safety and cleanliness are obviously a high priority. My dog is a rescue and very wary of going anywhere outside the home, but always is happy to go to Woodlawn. The owners always make sure to ask if he has eaten yet, provide grain free food (but will feed anything I bring as well) and will often give him a free bath if he gets dirty during playtime.
They are also very accommodating to schedule changes, offering many times to stay open later so I can pick up my dog the night I arrive back from a trip. I have even boarded my cat here – the owner and her family made sure my cat received extra attention and affection.
I highly recommend this business!

Tiffany Meadows

Great place to board your dogs. They were groomed and well taken care of while we were away. We have one dog that can be difficult and she loves to go to Woodlawn. She now goes to doggy daycare and is a much better behaved dog at home because of it. Andrea is amazing.

Toni Morgan

Without a doubt the only Kennel I would leave my dogs with… The staff are very friendly and truly care about the animals in their care.. (and great rates also ) Highly recommended to all.

Diana Arbaca

This is by far the best groomer my dogs have ever been to. The owner is very professional and makes sure the dogs get the very best care, and the groomer is wonderful with them. They went from being anxious about going to the groomer to happy about it.