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Boarding Rate: $24.00/day
Nature Walk $10.00/walk
Extra Playtime $5.00/session
Daycare with board: (3 longer playtimes per day. This service is only available for well socialized dogs) $10.00/day
Luxury Suite: $29 per dog with 10% off each additional family member.

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Boarding Rate: $12.00/day

All Dogs and Cats must be free of fleas or given a flea bath at the owner’s expense before entering the cat room. Owners must provide proof of vaccinations.

Please note: Boarding charges will apply for the first day of your pet’s stay regardless of check-in time. If you check out during morning hours you will not be charged for the final day of the visit.

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Geriatric and Special Needs Pets

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Doggie Daycare

Daycare rates are $16.00 per day.

Dogs that come 3 or more days a week, will receive a 10% discount for that week.

Daycare dogs must be free of fleas and current on all vaccinations required for boarding dogs.

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The Spa

Grooming prices will vary depending on your pet’s coat, size, and temperament. Please call or email for a quote.

Basic Bath – includes nails and ears $30.00

Additional Services 

Nails Trimmed $5.00
Nails Painted $5.00
Nails Trimmed and Ears Cleaned $10.00
Nails Ground (smoother than trimming) $7.00
Teeth Brushing $7.00
Additional Brushing $15.00/hr
Hot Oil Treatment $10.00
Spa Treatment -includes spa shampoo and conditioner of your choice, facial, and paw bubble bath $10.00
Skunk or Flea Bath $10.00

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