Dog Boarding

kennelrunAll dogs have their own indoor/outdoor kennel. The kennels are divided by concrete and chain link to provide privacy. Each run is equipped with comfortable bed to allow for a warm sleeping surface and the kennel provides blankets and bedding. The inside kennel is 4′ wide by 5′ long and is heated or air-conditioned as necessary to provide an indoor temperature of approximately 68 degrees. Each dog has access, via a dog door, to his own private outside kennel, which is 4′ wide by 12′ long.

Most of the boarding dogs get adequate exercise within their own kennel because the sights and sounds of the environment are interesting and stimulating. Each dog is taken out to play in one of our large outside play yard. Both yards are securely fenced with a 6′ buried chain link fence. If possible, dogs are taken out in groups or pairs to encourage lots of play and exercise. The yard is furnished with toys for playing year round.  During the summer a kiddy pool for wading is also offered.

Each dog is fed his or her own diet if provided or is fed one of the quality kennel foods. There is no extra charge for medications or serving special foods. We also give natural dog biscuits as an afternoon snack.

If you bring your own food, please bring it in a container labeled with your name, your pet’s name, and directions for feeding it. Each meal per dog should be individually packaged. Thin dogs should be allowed more food when kenneled because of the increased activity level.

At Woodlawn we know that most dogs love to chew and chew after a busy day of playing.  We are always looking for better ways to make your dog’s stay a positive one.  We are now offering a new complimentary service.  If you bring an appropriate sized Kong with you dog’s name on it, we will fill it daily with peanut butter and cookies (or other healthy snacks), giving your dog hours of chewing fun!  Not sure what a Kong is?  Please ask at check-in.  We have a variety of sizes available for sale in our lobby!

We now accept reservations by emailing us at Please include your name, address, phone number, pet’s name, and desired days. Reservations will not be final until you receive a confirmation from us by email.

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